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Welcome to Preying Lizard Music’s Ezine and Indie Rock Podcasts
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Your Best Source For Online Indie Rock Music
Welcome to Preying Lizard Music. You have landed on the number one Indie Music Ezine online. Combined with the best Hard Rock and Soft Rock podcasts and latest Indie news Preying Lizard Music has become very popular as a place known for only the best Indie Music online. Every artist and every song played on the Indie podcasts are handpicked by me, Les Lewellyn. I am also the host of these professionally produced podcasts. So it boils down to if you dig my taste in music then you are going to love the site and Indie Rock Podcasts. There are two daily shows one hour in length and updated at 2:00 p.m. Central Time Monday thru Saturday to choose from, one hard rock called the Hot Sheet Mon Show, and one soft rock called The Chill Pill. Both feature great music and my goal on this site is for you, the fans, to find bands and solo artists that will really turn you on. So many Indie Music sites accept anything and everything and it’s quite a turnoff for the average music lover to sift through the shit to get to the shinola. Now you don’t have to be turned off by Indie Music. With Preying Lizard Music every song and band must be good to be featured and played on the Indie Rock Podcasts. There are also two weekly shows updated every Sunday, one hard rock show called Preying Lizard Music’s Indie Hard Rock Pirate Radio Show, and then one soft rock show called Preying Lizard Music’s Indie Soft Rock Pirate Radio Show. The shows are two hours in length and remain on the site for the week allowing you to come to listen at your conveinience. The shows are streamable from the Pirate Radio Show page. The streams are designed to play in your own mp3 player just by clicking the link for your connection speed. You can also find the shows on the Blast player as a podcast by visiting the Indie Rock Podcast page. Also coming in the very near future will be two more great Indie Podcast Shows. One will be the Preying Lizard Music Urban Pirate Radio Show featuring great rap and hip hop artists from around the world. The other will be a weekly top ten picks featuring 10 of the best songs you’ll hear anywhere by great Indie Rock bands and solo artists. So look for them in the very near future. All of the Preying Lizard Music Podcasts can now be Mobilized. If you are fortunate enough to have a cell phone with Mp3 capabilities then visit the Indie Rock Podcast page and you will see a graphic with the words “Mobilize” on it. Click on the graphic and enter you cell phone number. The Indie Rock podcasts will begin downloading and in less than two minutes you’ll have a show on your phone to listen to anywhere you go! Also the podcasts are easily downloaded using the Blast player on the podcast page or from many other sources online including the Itunes store and they are free!
All new as of June 14, 2006 I have begun Podcasting at TowerPod. I’m now doing a weekly show called Preying Lizard’s Eclectic Pod. Each week I’ll be featuring the best new Indie music that I handpick myself from hundreds of tunes. It’s a great opportunity for me and the artists to gain some much needed exposure. So check the show out and if you dig it rate it and subscribe to it. You can find out more about it by checking out the Podcast Page!

My band Dixie Lizard

Dixie Lizard are on Kill Radio Monday, June 26 from 12pm to 2pm Pacific Time. Click here to listen!

In addition to being a DJ I am also a musician, singer, producer, recording engineer and songwriter. This is the Official site for my band Dixie Lizard. Dixie Lizard are a blend of Southern Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock with a Punk Rock feel hidden beneath the songs. The band consists of myself on bass, guitars, vocals, and keyboards and Houston, Texas drummer and percussionist Michael Chase. Michael and I are working on our first cd together after playing in bands together in Houston and you can learn more about us on our page here on Preying Lizard Music. Just click here to check the latest news on Dixie Lizard out. On the page are rare tunes, live performances both with the band and as a solo artist with just an acoustic guitar and my vocal as well as radio perfomances to boot! To hear the first completed tunes from our upcoming cd you can visit our page at MySpace to listen to the tunes and to read my Blog. Currently we are working on our latest tune called “Hawk” and it will feature a very great singer Linda Lewellyn(no relation) singing backup. You can also hear Dixie Lizard on the Indie Rock Podcast Shows from time to time. Linda Lewellyn also can be heard on the daily Chill Pill Show and the weekly Pirate Radio Indie Soft Rock Show with her great song “Blind Eye”. Michael Chase is also currently drumming for the Hard Rock band The Unknown Locals in Houston, Texas.
Click here to listen to some Dixie Lizard Live Tracks!

The Indie Artists featured on Preying Lizard Music Indie Rock Ezine and Indie Rock Podcast Shows
All of the music Indie bands/artists featured on the site are my handpicked selections from hundreds of songs. Fortunately not a day goes by that I don’t get turned on to great songs and artists. I also get turned onto some really bad artists too. By selecting only the best of best I’ve elimated the earache for you the fan. You may not like every band and song I feature on the site and Indie Rock Podcasts but you will be able to hear that even though they may not be for you the songs are great! I accept a very eclectic mix of artists. From Jazz to Death Metal and all points in between. The Soft Rock Indie artists range from the latest Americana, Folk Rock, Acoustic Rock, College Radio Rock, Blues, Jazz, Soul, Pop and many more genres. If I dig it then it makes it on the site. The Hard Rock Indie artists included on the podcasts and site range from Grunge, Metal, Progressive rock, Hard rock, Punk, Industrial, Classic Rock, Psychedelic, and more. I hope that you enjoy your visit to Preying Lizard Music and will come back often to hear these great bands and artists. Each day it’s a fresh new playlist and never will you hear the same songs day after day. I run the Podcasts like old school radio. You might hear the same bands in a week but not the same song from each band. The cool thing is that most of the cds I receive have several great songs on them so you get to hear a variety from each band and artist. Just like old school radio I don’t just play the three minute radio hits I play album cuts that are played even if they might be ten minutes long. The only thing that matters is that the song is great! For these reasons the Indie Rock Podcasts have become number one and Preying Lizard Music Ezine is the number one Indie Music Ezine online.

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Thanks for visiting Preying Lizard Music. Please take time to rate the Podcasts by going to the Indie Rock Podcast Page and scrolling down to the bottom where you will find a “Rate This Podcast” box. By rating the Podcast you will be helping all of the great Indie artists and the Podcasts get featured on a major Podcast Directory. Also register for the weekly Preying Lizard Music newsletter which can be found on the Podcast Page towards the bottom. It’s a Bravenet box and all you do is click subscribe and fill in your email address. I’ll never give your email or sale your email to anyone and the newsletter is filled with cool news about the site and the bands on the Indie Rock Podcasts! You can unsubscribe just by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter. I promise you will only receive on email per week and that’s it.
If you have any questions at all about anything related to this site or Indie Rock Podcasts don’t hesitate to drop me an email by clicking here!
Thanks for visiting the site,

Les Lewellyn
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