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If you have a passion for music as much as I do then chances are you’ll love the bands played on the Pirate Radio Shows Podcasts! The Indie bands played are all handpicked and the songs are all used with permission from the bands, their labels, or their management. You will find all bands and artists in rotation on the rock podcast shows by clicking on this Indie Rock Bandlist link.

Each week two new streams are added to this page for those of you who cannot stream the Podcasts. The shows are divided as Hard Rock and Soft Rock but this is a narrow description of the songs you will find of these shows. Each stream is fresh and new filled with great music from great Indie rock bands that deserve to be heard! Both shows remain on the site for one week at a time so please tell your friends and family about the number one Indie Pirate Radio Shows and Podcasts online!!! If you want to be notified of new shows just email me at with the words “add me” in the subject bar. I won’t give your email address to anyone and will not spam you with emails. I only email out show notifications once a week.

It’s now your choice! You can stream the Pirate Radio Shows with the links below or you can simply go to the Podcast Page at Preying Lizard Music and select your favorite show and listen to it or download it for your Ipod there. My main reason for leaving the streams here for the weekly Pirate Radio Rock shows is to give people on dial-up a way of hearing the great Indie artists played on the weekly Pirate Radio Shows. If it wasn’t for that I would just strictly be podcasting the Pirate Radio shows each week along with the other weekly rock podcasts, The Chill Pill ,The Hot Sheet Mon Show, Instrumental Madness and the Road Rash Blues Podcast! If you have a cell phone that supports mp3 downloading of podcast shows then you’ll want to go to the Podcast Page to check out the Mobilize service and it’s free! Just click on the Mobilize graphic, put in your cell phone number, and select which Preying Lizard Music podcast rock show you want to download. Within two minutes you’ll have it on your phone to take on the go and play for your friends and co-workers! Now it’s even easier with the addition of the great Blast Players for each channel!
Preying Lizard’s Podcasts are now all request. Got a band you want to hear then email me at Shows will be made up first of requested bands and after that I will be programming the rest of the material played.

Now the broadband streams on this page are sampled at 128Kpbs!

The following shows were updated on November 30, 2006

The shows stream for 24 hours, 7 days a week!!!!!!
Hard Rock Show for Dial-up (right click to “save as”) or click on the link to play on your default player

Hard Rock For Broadband Click Here (right click to “save as” ) or click to play on your default layer.

Right Click the link above of your choice to download the file to your Ipod , other Mp3 player or save it to a file on your computer. Just chose the “Save As” and designate where you want the file to go. The Hard Rock Show is RATED R due to lyrical content. If you push play you are stating that you are 18 or over and Preying Lizard Music assumes no liability! If you don’t have a mp3 player installed on your computer then I highly recommend Winamp. Just click here to download the player and follow the simple instructions for installation. Now you can download the Pirate Radio Hard Rock Show straight to your cell phone using the Mobilize graphic by Voice Indigo! Just click on it to download the latest show to your cell phone! Subscribe at iTunes to the Hard Rock Show

[VoiceIndigo Mobilize – Listen to podcasts on your mobile phone]

Use the Blast Player to the left below to stream the Pirate Radio Hard Rock Channel and to subscribe. You can also email the show to your friends and set up a chat while listening to the show without registering! You’ll need Flash installed on your computer to access the Blast Player. The player will pop up when you click on it so you can continue surfing the site or the internet! You can also download the show easily by right clicking on the link above and using the “save as” function. Save it straight to your Mp3 Player ipod or your favorite file on your computer! Thanks for listening and please help spread the word about these great indie bands played on all of the podcasts on Preying Lizard Music!

BlastPlayer Free @
Pirate Radio Hard Rock Playlist!

Lost At Last – “Bastard”
The Giraffes – “Jr. At His Worst”
Shotgun Rules – “Thank You Gravity”
Danko Jones – “Sleep is the Enemy”
Atheist – “Green”
All Day I Drive – “Gun”
elijahfell – “Tightrope”
Another Black Season – “Life I’m Leading”
AntiHero – “Unpretty”
Dixie Lizard – “Long Gone”
Randy Ellefson – “Legends”
Bang – “Our Home”
Your Name In Lights – “Kill The Ghost”
Mossback – “Askin’ Why”
The Idea – “Sane”
Junkbox – “4000 Miles”
Big Tease – “Keep Coming Back”
Truck – “The Conflict”
Aroarah – “Open Eyed”
Slant – “Broken Wings”
Cloudscape – “Last Breath”
Skybucket – “Blind”
Motorhead – “God Was Never On Your Side”
Core Device – “God and Man”
Plastron – “Electric Box”
Shining Star – “Just A Man”
4Fodder – “Bizz”
Prototype – “Heart Machine”

All songs are copywritten by the artists and used with permission.
Pirate Radio is copyright 2006 by Preying Lizard Music,BMI
Show hosted and Produced by Les Lewellyn
To visit the bands websites click
on their name.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License.
Click the appropiate link below to stream the Soft Rock Show. Clicking the link will open your mp3 player. This stream is rated PG13.
You can also right click and “save as” to download the show to your Ipod or other Mp3 storage device as well as your favorite file of your choice!

Soft Rock Show for dialup! Click Here!

Soft Rock Show For Broadband Click Here!

Now you can download the Soft Rock Pirate Radio Show straight to your cell phone using the Mobilize button by Voice Indigo! Just click on it now to download the latest episode!

This weeks Pirate Radio Soft Rock Playlist
Anthony Hugh – “Medication”
Chris Trapper – “See Something Fly”
Wonderful Johnson – “I Want Your Number”
Cameron Ember – “Radish”
Sugarland – “These Are The Days”
Justin Winokur – “No Truth Anymore”
Dross – “Lonely Planet”
Birdmonster – “All The Holes In The Wall”
Loreena McKennitt – “The Ladye and the Knight”
Roger Salloom – “Part Time”
Breadfoot – “A Hard Day In Manhattan”
Allison Thrash – “Shake Her Loose”
Dixie Lizard – “Your Shadow”
Casey Desmond – “Swim”
Eric Benson – “Ocean”
Last Train South – “It Ain’t Nothing”
Collette Savard – “Midnight”
The Questionnaires – “Hide and Seek”
Matt Schneider – “Enlightened Confusion”
Nickelbagofunk – “Stereotypes On Dirtbikes”
Closenuf – “Upside Down”
Cabin Dogs – “Settle Down”
Skyblue 72 – “Mountain”
Red Rooster – “Drive”
Kenny Weydener – “Acid”
Jeff Solomon – “Temporary Song”
Saucepan Bach – “Medicine Woman”
James Krueger – “One To The Crow”

All New Pirate Radio shows coming at you with new songs for your Ipod weekly!!

The songs are all used with permission of the artists and all songs are handpicked from submissions! I hope you will help spread the word on the great music found here on the Preying Lizard Music Pirate Radio Shows and Podcasts! The shows above are always available 24/7 and updated weekly for streaming on demand! Click here to see all of the bands currently in rotation.

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